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The Honiton company was founded in 1979. It is a leader among global manufacturers of hand tools and specializes in the manufacture of wrenchces, sets of socket heads and other hand tools. In 2004 Honiton developed and patented product line "HONIDRIVER", which contains a set of heads, and Ratchet wrenches. Each product is certified to DIN code and gained worldwide recognition.
Honiton always try to follow trends in the production of hand tools and develop more new products. That is why the Honiton, thanks to the production of hand tools has its own stable position. Products through rigorous scrutiny for maximum customer satisfaction, innovation and product development for the company Honiton important! If you are looking for credibility and strong manufacturer of hand tools, the tools Honiton for you the best in the industry.

Quality Certificate Honiton
Based on tests in the Engineering Institute was created certificate that confirms the following standards.

CSN EN ISO 6789: 2005
DIN 3112: 2007
DIN 3113: 2007
DIN 3122: 1989
DIN 3123: 1989
DIN 3124: 1980


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